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What Temperature Should I Set My Kegerator

When your kegerator comes in, itís a sight for sore eyes. You are literally within a few minutes of enjoying a nice keg of beer in your own homebar or wherever you want to put it. But, there is one question left looming.

What temperature should you set your kegerator? There are people who have different answers and for different reasons. So, you have to get a feel for what you like and youíll soon have your own setting.

But, itís good to listen to the manufacturers at first who will tell you what temperature works best for the particular model. Some might say a temperature of 34 degrees and another might say a temperature of 38 degrees. The sweet spot in the middle is what youíre trying to find.

Itís just that at the time you think you have the perfect setting, then you have different factors that come into play. If you increase the length of your lines, you might have to make the settings a little lower. Most bars have settings between 36 and 38 degrees. But, they most likely have commercial models that have a durability that your kegerator wonít have.

But, a barís wear and tear is always going to be at a higher frequency than your kegerator will ever have to support. Their maintenance schedules will always be at a greater frequency also. So, the wear and tear on your kegerator might mean you only have to make adjustments every couple of years.

One beer enthusiast I know likes to set his kegerator at 32 degrees so that the beer will pour at 32 degrees and then be at 40 degrees when heís ready to drink it. Other beer enthusiasts like to set their kegerator at 40 degrees because they donít seem to have a problem with the beer getting slightly warmer by the time they take a drink. After all, most people take a sip as soon as they pour themselves a beer.

There are other factors as well. If you get a keg of a stout for instance, you might want to set your kegerator at 42 degrees. Fruit and wheat beers should be anywhere from 40 to 45 degrees. Pale ales should be served at 50 degrees.

So depending on the kegerator, you will have a slight variation in setting. Depending on the age and setup of your kegerator, youíll have to make adjustments. Also depending on the flavor of the beer itself, you will have to find the sweet spot for whatever wets your palate.

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