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How To Build Your Own Home Bar

Itís a part of the beer enthusiastís life to head out and grab a beer from our favorite drinking hole. We love all kinds of bars. The dive is a relaxing joint while the club is where we can meet new and interesting people.

But, we canít live out in the bars all the time even though weíd love it. We eventually have to break away and come home to the families and the household responsibilities. Thatís why building a homebar makes us feel like home when weíre home.

There are plenty of ways to build your own homebar. You have to use your imagination and creativity. What it boils down to is your personality. Some people like a 50s theme while others like a beach theme. But, those are merely decorations. You have to build the bar first.

Choose Your Space

Choosing the perfect location is sometimes the hardest part. While some people know exactly where the bar should go, others find it difficult to imagine where they would like to have their bar. A basement bar is out of the way and a great location where you get away without technically leaving the home.

Itís smart to put a bar in an unused room or a room that isnít frequented much. Also, you can add an extension to the house. But if youíre going to go that far, why not just put the bar outside. Itís great for warm weather and in warm weather climates.


To build the structure, youíll need 2 x 4s and plywood. Youíll need enough nails and screws to hold it all together. Also, you want finish. I like dark wood finish and polyurethane. But, some people finish in other ways. Theyíll use a faux wood finish, wood slats, tile, granite countertops and Iíve even seen wallpaper. Itís up to you and your style. Give it all a thought and decide on whatís perfect for you.

Youíll also need the features. Brass railings look great against a dark wood bar with dark green lighting fixtures. Cabinet doors make it easy for you to finish your bar in style. You can get them at most hardware stores. Round it off with a kegerator for your keg and a cooler for bottles and cans.


If you know how to design and build, you are ready to go to town. If you donít, find a friend that will help you design so that you will have all the materials you need. Make sure itís someone who knows how to build or else itís the blind leading the blind, which can be fun if you have a temperament like mine and nothing gets to you.

But, the easiest bar I have ever seen built was when a friend of mine bought cabinets from the local hardware store. Not cabinet doors like mentioned earlier, but cabinets. He put them side by side, connected them with a countertop and was practically finished building his bar in an hour.

After that, he simply rocked the bar with bar stools, brass railings, dark green lighting fixtures and a kegerator. He purchased a radical cooler for the end of the bar where he puts bottles and cans. A plasma screen is attached to the wall behind the bar and a stereo is wired to it. Itís just about the neatest bar I have ever seen.

Bars are an extension of your personality as a beer enthusiast. If you are serious about your beer, you need a place to put it on display. Whether you brew for yourself or you just like to try new and exotic beers, build your bar soon and start enjoying the beer world with the rest of us.

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