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Opening a Beer Bottle without a Beer Bottle Opener

There are times when we find ourselves without a beer bottle opener to open our beer bottles. Thatís when people look for all sorts of things to find so that they can get their beer bottles opened. Well, save yourself some time. There are some really easy ways to open a beer bottle without a beer bottle opener if you take the time to learn.

First and foremost is the countertop. If you have countertop space to spare, you can open a beer bottle real quick with just an easy, well-placed hit. Place the jagged edges of the bottle cap on the counter and hit swiftly with the palm of your hand. You can also ball your hand up into a fist and hit on the side of your hand. You might practice lightly before giving it a good whack. People have been known to hurt themselves.

If you think you might hurt your countertop and you have no intentions of giving it a try, try bottle cap to bottle cap. Simply take two full beers and interlock the bottle caps, then swiftly jerk the one that is facing down. If done right, its bottle cap should stay intact while the one you are holding upright will open. This method is not as swift as the countertop method, but it does look good when done right.

The lighter method has been going around for years. But, letís review. Take the bottom of the lighter and press it into the ridges on the beer cap. Hold the beer firmly and pull the lighter up with a swift motion. You beer should be open.

Fold a newspaper up with about a one inch width. Fold the newspaper in half and you have a very strong loop that will make for a good grab on the bottle cap. Hold your beer firmly and press the newspaper up against the bottle cap, making sure that the newspaper gets a good hold of the ridges on the bottle cap. Now, swiftly yank your newspaper up and pop off your bottle cap. Your beer should be open at this point.

Fold a napkin diagonally. Then, roll up the wide end as tight as you can. Make sure the center of the napkin gets solid. Fold the roll in half. Hold the beer bottle in your hand as close to the bottle cap as possible. Press the folded edge of the napkin to the bottle cap and pull up in a swift motion, making sure that the napkin has got a good hold of the ridges on the bottle cap. Your beer is open and you have amazed your friends with the most unlikely specimen they could have ever imagined opening a beer bottle.

When you want to get a drink of the wonderful thing we call beer, donít let nothing hold you back. Even if you have beer bottles with no bottle openers, there are a million and one ways to get the bottle open. No excuses!
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