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Glass Hanging Ideas for Your Home Bar

Putting a bar in your home can be so easy if you are willing to be creative. You might want to hire a contractor and spend tons of money. But, you can do it yourself if you just form a plan and then figure out the best way to put it together.

The back of your bar can be as easy as installing shelves that reach the ceiling on both sides. Place a mirror in the middle and hang a television. Now, you have a sports bar look that makes you feel like you are in a real sports bar. But, that was easy. Here are a few ideas you may not have thought could be so easy.

The next thing you might want to add to your homebar is the glass holder that hangs above the bar. You’d be surprised how easy it is to make one. You need wood slats that form the base of your frame. The perfect size wood slat for this part of the glass holder is about 2 in. X 2 in. Then, you need wood slats to serve as the holder for the different types of stemware you have. But, this part is actually the teamwork of two different sized slats. One is about 2 in. X 1/8 in. and the other is 1/4 in. X 1/4 in.

The best way to attach these slats is with a handful of nice looking, gold nails. Run 2 in. X 2 in. slats horizontally spaced as far as a foot between. But, it’s a little classier if you place them about 4 inches from each other. Vertically, you will run your 2 in. X 1/8 in. slats about an inch apart. But, make sure to place a 1/4 in. X 1/4 in. slat under each one. Drive a nail through the 2 in. X 1/8 in. slat and the 1/4 in. X 1/4 in. slat where each 2 in. X 2 in. slat sits. That way, you’ll create a nice ledge where you can hang your stemware. Attach your glass holder to the ceiling with hooks and chains. You’ve got a great look that has functionality.

For glasses with handles like mugs and coffee cups, create a wood slab where you can screw golden hooks into and use them as hangers. You can stack all other types of glasses or you can create another wood slab with clamp-like holders directed upward. If you can’t find the clamps at a hardware store, you can take the time and make them yourself using a sheet of metal. The gauge shouldn’t be too thick but strong enough not to bend to the weight of the glass.

Cut your metal using metal cutting shears in 4 in. segments. Drill a hole through the metal and into the wood slab you have ready for hanging in your bar. Then, screw the metal clamps to the wood slab and begin hanging all the glasses you have left.

Now, every glass in your bar is off the counter. Watch television or enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror. But, you’ll have plenty of counter space for other things like liquor dispensers and pretzels.
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