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Building Your Home Bar

If you’ve been dreaming about having a bar in your home, get started. You don’t need a contractor to be the expert on the job. That could take weeks when you could have one built in a day.

Do some research and give yourself an idea of what you want. Then, put the plan into motion by piecing together the different materials you’ll need. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to build your own homebar.

Blend or Standout

Depending on where you decide to put your homebar, you might want to think about making it blend with the rest of your home or making it standout. If you are putting it in a room all its own, it can easily be designed to standout. But if it happens to be between two rooms where company roaming through is a very real possibility, then making it blend with the rest of your décor is a good idea.

In a room all its own, a bar looks great with a brick or wood décor. But, those aren’t the only two options. Some bars I’ve seen have had been finished in drywall. The rest of the décor was dressed with beer signs and beer mirrors. But for the other choices, definitely a faux brick or faux wood finish would look great and it wouldn’t damage the budget.

The Bar

The bar can easily be framed with 2 x 4s. Cover it with plywood. Then, finish. It really doesn’t get any more difficult than that. But, it does depend on how intricate you try to get.

Any local department store or hardware store should have cabinet doors you can use for the bar when you are finished. Build your frame. Then as I said before, nail the plywood to your frame. At this point, it’s up to you what you want to do. I have finished off a bar with interlocking wood panels that I attached diagonally. Then, I used border to make eye catching designs that brought a touch of professionalism to the bar.

Once the bar is built and the cabinets are finished to match the bar, a few coats of lacquer can bring out a beautiful glossy finish. Now all you need are some bar stools and track lighting before you begin to decorate the rest.


Have you ever thought about your local bar and wondered where they got their decorations? The beer signs and the beer mirrors are either funny, authentic, or just plain eye catching. The beer taps are name brand and always have unique designs. The beer glasses are also name brand and in all different shapes and sizes.

One thing about having your own homebar is the challenge of finding great collector’s items to put on display. Once your bar is done, now your hunt begins. Don’t go for junk just to cover the walls. Find things that bring out your personality. It’s your bar. It’s should be all about you.
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