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The Benefits of Drinking Beer Moderately

The wonderful benefits of beer never seem to stop even when you get past the great time you have with your friends and the beautiful refreshment it makes on a hot summer day when you just need something cool to drink. Beer is a wonder food, a super drink, and a diet supplement. It has a good rep around the world, but only because it tastes so good and offers enthusiasts a common bond.

I would like to say before I begin discussing other benefits of drinking beer that I do not advocate underage drinking and I think anyone should only drink in moderation. Moderation is actually defined by the American Heart Association as two beers a day for men and one beer a day for women. A beer is considered a normal twelve ounce draft, can or bottle.

So having given my genuine public service announcement, there are so many benefits of drinking beer to discuss. If we drink in moderation, we can maintain proper levels of blood pressure as well as eradicate heart disease. Drinking in moderation is good for the bones and it reduces the possibility of blood clots. There are more, but this article will begin to read like a medical journal.

When we drink one or two beers a night, we reduce the risk of hypertension. This has a direct effect on our blood pressure. Itís like drinking a beer to cool us down, drinking a beer can also have internal effects that allow us to relax and not get stressed. With lower hypertension, lower the risk of having high blood pressure.

The effects that beer has on the heart are a little more chemical though. Beer contains B-vitamins such as Folate, which is necessary for the production and maintenance of new cells. These Folates keep the homocysteine blood at regular levels, which is a good protection against heart disease.

But, that only scratches the surface. Beer is good for the bones too. Beer actually enables the deposit of calcium into bone tissue. Having high bone density decreases the risk of developing osteoporosis.

These are all great benefits of beer and we know at least one more. When drinking beer, it thins the blood. That can be attributed to keeping the blood from clotting. But to hear the scientific speech associated to this phenomenon, beer keeps platelets in the blood from sticking together.

When we drink beer in moderation, it has so many medical benefits. The next time you get people together and share a beer with them, youíll know that youíve done them a great service. Just tell them youíre looking out for them.

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