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Suspended Bar

Whenever you visit someone else’s home, doesn’t it always seem to happen that they have something new and unique to show you? You’d love to have your own new and unique home improvement to exhibit. A suspended bar for your homebar is just what you need to have something to show off the next time your friends come over to visit.

There are different design ideas for a suspended bar. Most of them incorporate a wall suspension solution. But, you can also suspend your bar from the ceiling if you would like to go for something completely different.

Counter Top

With brackets, you can fix a counter to the wall so that it jets out over your bar stools. You can leave the space open underneath the counter. But also, you can fill it with a kegerator or a wine rack, possibly both. Of course, you can add support at the other end with legs that extend to the floor. But, your bracket and suspension system could be reinforced to give enough support from just the wall.

Suspended Bar

The suspended bar idea was started originally with the suggestion to have a bar that is raised a few inches in the air. With a bottom suspension system working with a top suspension system, you can amaze your friends when they see the bar suspended in air. Fill it with a small beer cooler or place shelving in the bar for other types of refreshments. Again, you can add support on the suspended end with small legs. But, it’s not necessary when you design it to be suspended from just the wall. Choosing the right bracket and suspension system is the key.

Ceiling Suspension

This idea can be placed anywhere around your home. It doesn’t have to be against a wall. Find the support beams in your ceiling and go to work. You can have a bar suspended with metal rods that extend from the ceiling down to a counter with space underneath for bar stools. Place the kegerator underneath the counter in the center and you have a totally unique homebar that your friends will absolutely flip over when they see it.

But, remember the original idea. It was an actual bar suspended in air. You can do that as well with a ceiling suspension design. Having a three cabinet wide bar suspended from the ceiling with the same metal rods or even chains will bring bar life to your home. The chains could present some difficulty when you have a bar that sways with the wind. But, there is a way to strengthen your suspension. Simply add chains at the ceiling that extend to your original chains creating a triangle. This will keep your stylish bar from going anywhere.

When you have a great bar idea, it nags at you until you finally see it for real. The bar suspension idea is an easy project. Plus, it makes all other bars just seem normal.
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