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How to Keep Beer Cold at a Party

There are some radical ideas for keeping your beer cold at a party. But, they work and they will make you the hero if you use them when you find yourself with warm beer. But, letís cover the common methods first.


When you have warm beer, put it in the freezer for a few minutes. Ten, twenty, even thirty would be fine. That way it cools quicker and you can enjoy your beer much faster. But, donít leave it in there too long. Beer can become ice quicker than you can imagine.

I have seen beer bust through the top of a can or a beer bottle. It freezes over and drips down the sides of the car or bottle. That will make a mess. So, punch yourself if you ever do that.

One good thing to do though is to rotate all your warm beer through the freezer as you drink them. When you make a beer run for your friends and grab three or four beers, put three or four beers in the freezer for the next round. It works like a charm.


Of course, if youíre outside a cooler will come in handy. Actually, it can keep beer colder than a freezer without freezing. Now, you might wonder how thatís possible. But, it is. A cooler can get your beer to about 32 degrees. But, it keeps it there. It doesnít keep freezing until itís frozen.


Of course, a koozie will keep your beer cold while youíre drinking it. Itís a mini cooler, right in your hand. They cannot be overrated. Your last drink of beer on a hot day will be a cold one when you have a koozie wrapped around your beer can or bottle.

Aluminum Foil

Hereís where we start to go off the grid. If you donít have a koozie, aluminum foil works as a great alternative. Just wrap your beer in some aluminum foil and it will stay cold until the last drop. Try to be careful and un-wrap your beer cautiously. Use the same foil each time you have a beer.

Fire Extinguisher

This is an odd idea, but Iíve seen it work. When your beer is warm and you would like to make it cold quick, use a fire extinguisher. Lay out your beer in the yard or on the sidewalk and spray it with the fire extinguisher. Youíll be pleasantly surprised when you pick your beer cans or bottles up and feel how cold they are.

Itís great to always have cold beer on hand. But, we all know for one reason or another that itís not always possible. The store gets busy and doesnít have your flavor stocked in the cooler. There isnít enough room in the refrigerator. You stored your beer for the party in the garage. So, itís not always possible. But when you find yourself with warm beer, it can always be made cold quickly. Enjoy, be safe and drink responsibly!

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