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Tailgating Game Ideas

Any sporting event is a good time for tailgating, even though itís more commonly known in the baseball and football worlds. But, tailgating is an evolving creature that started with just burgers and beers. It wasnít long before it became a favorite pastime in itself.

Park the truck and setup the grill. Break out your portable bar and tap the keg. Turn the television on and adjust the antenna to pick up the local channel offering the pre-game show. Youíre just about in business.

Even with the best foods and the most fully stocked bar, youíll still have a need for games. People canít have enough tailgating games. These ideas will help you keep your head in the game!

Beer Pong
Beer pong is one of Americaís favorite drinking games. You can setup a beer pong table on just about anything. But, there are portable tables that you can bring with you and you donít have to find weird surfaces anywhere you can. Just make sure you bring enough cups and enough beer, because itís about to get good!

Cornhole is a game that never really lost any speed. It just started to pick up speed over the last few years. Throw some bean bags at a board with a hole. Who could pass up that game?

Ladder Toss
Ladder toss is gaining speed as one of the most popular games among tailgaters. A bola is made with a small length of rope and a golf ball at both ends. The target is a three-leveled ladder that the bolas are tossed at to see which level the bola wraps around. There are rules for a more extensive explanation of the game. But, it can get quite addictive.

Washer Toss
Another tossing game, washer toss is as easy as it gets. Each side has a handful of washers. They toss the washers into a cup that is a few feet away. Of course, the game has stepped itself up a few notches. Some games are quite elaborate with boards that hold the circular target and painted washers that divide the teams. Washer toss has really grown as a game!

If you are ready to do tailgating the right way, then you have to make sure you have the right games. People will still appreciate you for having good food and cool drinks. But give a person something to throw and something to throw it at, youíve got yourself the making of a challenge most people wonít be able to walk away.

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