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Choosing A Kegerator

kegerator are pretty important for the complete homebar. Of course, you can always just convert an old refrigerator into a kegerator. But, there comes a time when you want the look of a professional homebar with the convenience of a tap on the bar itself.

The question is how do you know what kind of kegerator to purchase. If there are so many out there, which one would serve you best? When you are in the hunt of the perfect kegerator, there are a few things you are going to want to look for and there are a few things you will need to know.

First of all, the most important thing is whether or not itís energy efficient. Most people who purchase kegerator plan on keeping them full of beer. That means they will be running all the time. Of course, there is your occasional beer enthusiast who only plans on using the kegerator once in awhile for parties. But, this isnít a radio weíre buying. Itís a kegerator and if itís going to be running all the time, you have to make sure itís energy efficient.

The next thing is a simple thing, but itís pretty important to me. Make sure the doors are reversible. If you have to move it and you find yourself putting it in an area against a wall or in some place where opening is difficult one way, having a reversible door is pretty important. Youíll be able to simply switch everything over and use the door the other way.

Probably just as important as being energy efficient is whether or not itís stainless steel. I have seen some kegerator in really bad shape because of rust damage. Theyíre not a pretty sight, especially when the kegerator is supposed to be the pride and joy of your homebar. With a stainless steel kegerator, your homebar will always look great.

Now, I have never encountered a time when I need this next feature. But, there might be some people out there who would need to convert the kegerator into a refrigerator. There might be a few scenarios I guess. One prime candidate I can image would be a college student who throws a party on weekends, but needs his refrigerator for food during the week after the keg has been returned. Another example might be the guy who purchases a new kegerator and then converts his old one back into a refrigerator for the den. But, I would simply just have a kegerator in the den. Either way, you might want to make sure that there are shelving options just in case.

Something you might want to think about is whether or not you like Coors or Miller. They have rubberized kegs that might not be supported by the kegerator you are considering buying. There are also kegerator that are even a little bigger than that, so make sure your kegerator will fit the beer keg of your choice.

But, thatís the thing about kegerator. There are kegerator of all kinds. There is a kegerator for the small Heineken Draughtkegs. There are two tower kegerator that hold two kegs in the cooler. There are kegerator refrigerator combinations that hold a keg on one side and milk, eggs and soda on the other side. Youíd be surprised at the sheer magnitude of choices.

If the kegerator is going to be the heart and soul of your homebar or even just your home drinking experience, look at all the choices and make sure you choose the ones that are right for you. I used to think I couldnít go wrong with any kegerator. But, that was before I learned more about them.
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