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Build Yourself a Bar

Constructing your own bar is cheaper when compared to hiring a contractor for the job. It is an easy job, but will require enough time to finish successfully. When constructing a bar follow the following easy steps:

Step 1: design – after deciding the location of your bar, go online and research bar designs. Get pictures. Get ideas. Draft your own design that fits your style.

Step 2: materials- list all the materials needed for the project. The materials normally include saws, screws, glue and clamps. For the frame, purchase 8 - 2 by 4 pieces of wood with length determined by the bar size. For the structure and the bar top, purchase either plywood, vinyl, leather or wood planks. For the bar railing, purchase molding of a very distinguishing size. You might need more material than what is listed here depending on your design. But, make sure you purchase beer taps for the beer lovers.

Step 3: frame building - use the 2x4 pieces of wood, glue and wood screws. For a standard bar, the box should be 108 inches by 42 inches built using 6 - 38 inch and 2 - 108 inch 2x4s. A 108 inch 2x4 is added to offer support for the lower counter 21 inches from the bottom. Screw it on the inside of the frame.

Build the sides using 2 – 38 inch, 2 – 18 inch, and 1 – 14 inch 2x4s. The 14 inch 2X4 will offer support for the lower counter and is attached between the 38 inch vertical supports 21 inches from the bottom. Build two sides in the same fashion.

Build the back using 1 - 100 inch, 2 - 36 inch, 2 - 34 inch and 2 - 28 inch 2x4s. The 100 inch 2X4 will add support at the top with the two 36 inch 2X4s offering bottom support for the two end shelving units. The 34 inch 2X4 will offer vertical supports for the gap in the middle and the 28 inch 2X4s will offer support for the lower counter 21 inches from the bottom. Finally, stand the front 108 inch by 42 inch frame up and attach the sides. Assemble the back using above specifications.

Step 4: surface - add surface using plywood, then cover using whatever materials you purchased for your design. For the front, use several pieces of plywood that equal 108 inches by 42 inches. The sides will require a 42 by 18 inch piece of plywood for each side. The back can be left open after you build the shelving. But, you can also purchase doors from your local hardware store to sharpen your bar up a bit.

Step 5: top, rail and cover - for the base of the top, cut plywood so that you can cover the 108 inch by 18 inch surface. Then, cover using countertop surface, high quality wood or wood planks. The molding will cover the ugly gaps and edges. Cover the front and sides of your bar with vinyl, leather or whatever surface you purchased.

Step 6: finish – Applying lacquer to wood makes for a great finish. But according to the materials you used, you can either leave the countertop the way it is if it’s marble or granite. Paint it if you simply used went with plywood. The bar top should be placed in the center the bar and all that takes is drilling a hole for the bar tap to fit through. Install track lighting and add some stools. You are finished my friend.

Of course, you could add a foot rest around the bottom of the bar. Hang some beer signs and mirrors. Run television in from your cable or satellite installation and you’re in business.
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