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The Perfect Christmas Blend Beer

During Christmas, there will be eggnog and sugar cookies, gingerbread and pumpkin pie. But, what about beer enthusiasts? Do we have a beer that we can introduce this time of year? We absolutely do! I know of several and you can brew them yourself.

Traditional Flavors
First of all, you can explore your brewing skills and come up with brews yourself. Just think of the different tastes that make this time of year special. Ground nutmeg is a good ingredient to add to your beer. So is ground cinnamon.

Caramel malt makes a particularly good grain. So, does chocolate malt and roasted barley. Canít you taste these ingredients already in your beer? They make a wonderful blend and you can mix and match. If you chose different ingredients for different beers, you would be able to offer your family and friends a selection of Christmas beers that they can enjoy.

For extracts, try Amber. Itís almost irreplaceable when it comes to creating the perfect beer for the season. But, there are others that you can try as well. Light, Extra Light and Pale are all different extracts that you can mix and match as you see fit.

Additional Flavors
But, the ingredients that are really going to bring your Christmas beer home are the ingredients you might not normally see in beer or you might not normally think would make great beer ingredients. Honey is a wonderful flavor that jumps up at me first. When I think of a Christmas beer, I normally think to add honey.

Cherry syrup is another powerful ingredient that can put a smile on anyoneís face. Honey and cherry can go together or you can just do cherry alone. Irish Moss, almond extract and ginger are other flavors that can make your beer special. But, donít stop there. Think about an orange peel and some vanilla too. Itís all good. I donít suggest using them all in the same brew. But, you can definitely make some interesting blends when you mix and match your recipes.

All the flavors of the season can be brought into your brew for a special beer your family and friends will love. You normally need a good twenty days to a month to age. So if you didnít make it for Christmas, donít worry. Your brew makes for great winter time beers and thereís plenty of that left.

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