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Beer Ideas That Could Benefit Everyone

Of course, beer is perfect. I understand that. We all understand that. But, I have to admit that even I would appreciate some new beer innovations every once in awhile. If itís going to make drinking beer more enjoyable, then I am going to appreciate it. Actually, anything to do with beer is something Iíll appreciate.

Personalized Beer Labels

A Danish Beer Brewing Company called Tuborg allows customers to have a personalized beer labels. You can have anything you want on the side of your beer bottle. Can you imagine walking into a fellow beer enthusiastís house on their birthday and offering them a beer with their face on it? That would be the ultimate gift. Youíd enjoy the beer first and then your beer enthusiast friend would keep the bottle forever. It would be the gift that keeps on giving.

A Motorized Cooler

No, Iím not advocating a cooler that has a seat and handle bars so that it makes it easier for you to get from party to party. That does exist though and itís quite neat. But, I would settle for a cooler that could get itself over the hill and through the woods to the party youíre trying to go. All it would need is an engine and a remote control. You could drive it remotely while you walk beside it. Think about taking your cooler to the beach. You can carry your towel and a beach chair while your cooler walks along side of you and gets there by itself.

The homebar Robot

I wouldnít want a bar robot to be any bigger than just what you would be able to enjoy at home. Being a bartender is a skill that I would hate to lose just because an automated method was invented. But at home, it would be great. It could grab a can or bottle out of the cooler, open it and hand it to you. It could clean the counter. It could pour a mixed drink. Again, I think it would be perfect with a remote control. Sit at the bar with your remote and tell it to do everything that it has been programmed to do.

The Rotating Beer Sign

Iím sure this already exists. In this day and age, it would just about have to have been invented by now. But in case it hasnít, I would like to have a rotating beer sign in my homebar. It could utilize the same technology as a plasma screen. Upload digital images of any beer sign you like and allow them to rotate through as you sit in your homebar and enjoy the atmosphere.

Neither of these ideas would make the beer taste better, but that isnít what matters. What matters is that you have fun in life. These ideas could work for just about anything. Personalize your soda bottles. Take your kids to the beach and let the motorized cooler carry their juice. Design a robot to clean your home. Have rotating Picassos on the wall. But, these would work great for beer.
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