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 "T" Style Beer Tower - Stainless Steel - Glycol Cooled
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"T" Style Beer Tower - Stainless Steel - Glycol Cooled

Item #: BT354PSSKR
Sale Price: $695.00
This will be first day of the rest of your life! What you are looking at now is the greatest invention for Beer Enthusiasts since Beer.

Say you have four different types of beer. Normally, you would have to drink them one at a time. Not now! You can connect all four and have a great time.

Installation is the easiest thing in the world. With a screwdriver, you can be in business in less than a minute. Seriously, less than a minute!

The only time installing a 4 Beer Tower took longer than a minute was when I received a phone call, my kids needed me to sign their homework and my wife wanted me to clean out the garage. But after that, the beer tower took less than a minute from my front door to my bar completely installed.

You can dress up your tower to look and pour the way you want:

Beer Taps

Beer Knobs

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