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"T" Style Beer Tower - PVD Brass - Air Cooled
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"T" Style Beer Tower - PVD Brass - Air Cooled

Item #: BTDS254PVD
Sale Price: $695.00
When they made this one, they could have stopped! But, they were on a roll and having too much fun with greatness.

This Beer Tower can handle four beers at a time. That's four different types of beer. And only if you have eight hands can you do that. So...

That's right! You'll never again have the problem of your friends showing up with four beer kegs and not knowing what to do with them all. Of course, I don't think that's ever really been a problem. But, we solved it!

Installation is as simple as grabbing a screwdriver and screwing four screws. You can have it installed quicker than it takes to open a bottle of beer. Go ahead! Race yourself!

You can dress up your tower to look and pour the way you want:

Beer Taps

Beer Knobs

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