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Solid Wood Washer Toss Game
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Solid Wood Washer Toss Game

Item #: WT-01
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Washer toss is slowly growing as one of the most popular games at tailgating parties! Of course, every time you give someone something to toss and something to toss it at, you have a game brewing.

People love tossing things. We should all be called a bunch of tossers. But, I heard that was slang from something entirely different and I don't think we would all want to be called that.

Just in case you were wondering what I am referring to, it's slang from the UK that refers to an obnoxious bloke. So now that we cleared that up, let's talk about washer tossing. It's a simple game of tossing washers at a cup a few feet away.

Only, our Washer Toss game steps it up a notch. Boards hold the circular targets. The washers are professional grade. And the whole game packs up into a nice little box you can carry anywhere.

Warning: Washer Toss is highly addictive!

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