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Beverage Chill Bat
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Beverage Chill Bat

Item #: tabletop-tap-chill-bat
Price: $7.99
Sale Price: $5.99
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The Tabletop Tap Chill Bat can be purchased as a spare for your Tabletop Tap. It can also be used to chill beverages served in pitchers or over sized mugs. Just add water, freeze, and place in the beverage. Its' cooling efficiency is superb by keeping beverages under 40 degrees for up to 90 minutes, while displacing only 5 ounces! After freezing, this small bar accessory can be stored in an ice bin. The public loves the unique, bat-shaped design and the improved, ice-cold taste of their beverages. You'll love the extra profits it creates, right off "the bat".

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