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"T" Style 3" Column

Beer Tower "T" Style - Stainless Steel
Price: $479.00
Sale Price: $399.00
Beer Tower "T" Style - Air Cooled
Price: $629.00
Sale Price: $539.00
Beer Tower "T" Style - Glycol Cooled
Price: $889.00
Sale Price: $789.00
There are three faucet beer towers and then there are Three Faucet Beer Towers. When you bring one of these bad boys in the home bar, you'll have to tell all others to step aside. They don't belong in the same area with our professional models.

Take one for a spin. But, be careful if it's your first time. If you break it, you pay for it. If you take one of these babies too fast around a turn, you can lose control. Don't worry! There have been plenty of people before you who didn't know what kind of power they had when they were giving it a test drive.

Your friends bring over three kegs thinking you'll go nuts. You laugh! You laugh hysterically because it's your moment. They get frustrated. They throw a fit. The joke has been turned around them. Why?

Because you rock! You have a three faucet beer tower all other three faucet beer towers want to be. You are the star of the show and your friends will just have to get used to it. So, start strutting your stuff now! You deserve it!
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