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"Perl" SS Beer Faucet by Perlick
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"Perl" SS Beer Faucet by Perlick

Item #: 8P490
Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $49.95
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Let's take a look at a slightly different design in beer faucets. This is the Pearl Jam of beer faucets. See what I did there?

Okay, what I was going for was the fact that this faucet's unique design lends itself to a very smooth pour. You'll be the expert who pours great beer. Everyone will flock to your home bar for more and more great tasting beer that comes out smooth and hassle free.

Of course, I've never had a hassle with beer. But, let's talk about that another day!

The “Perl” Stainless Steel Beer Faucet by Perlick with an ingenious floating O ring design is causing a beer tap revolution! This incredible design allows your beer to flow without exposure to the air. There is simply no room for mold or bacteria to grow. No more cleaning or worrying about skunky, flat beer. Make your next pour the best from start to finish!

The body of your faucet, the threading that connects to your kegerator the U.S. Beer Industry Standard 1-1/8"-18. The thread for the beer tap or knob is the Unified Coarse Thread 3/8"-16.

You don't need any special tools. Simply attach the faucet and turn until it's tight. Choose your favorite tap knob or beer tap handle and simple twist it on until it's tight. You're in business.

Choose from your favorite Tap Handle.

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