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Standard Faucet - Polished Brass - Stainless Steel Lever
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Standard Faucet - Polished Brass - Stainless Steel Lever

Item #: BT4933BR
Sale Price: $27.95
Beer faucets are one of the most ultimate inventions since beer itself. It took us years to figure out that pouring beer from a keg was much easier than dipping our glasses, mugs or steins into a bucket.

I'm not really sure if we did that. But, could you imagine? Actually, I don't know what we did before the beer faucet and that just proves my point. The beer faucet was invented and the rest of history was completely erased from our memory.

When beer pours through the faucet, it pours smooth and touches nothing but quality stainless steel. That means that your beer tastes like beer and nothing else. Not rubber or aluminum or anything else other beer faucets turn beer into.

The body of your faucet, the threading that connects to your kegerator the U.S. Beer Industry Standard 1-1/8"-18. The thread for the beer tap or knob is the Unified Coarse Thread 3/8"-16.

You don't need any special tools. Simply attach the faucet and turn until it's tight. Choose your favorite tap knob or beer tap handle and simple twist it on until it's tight. You're in business.

Choose from your favorite Tap Handle.

Take a look at our wonderful selection of Kegerators.

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