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AccuCold's PF1Kit Power Out Alarm
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AccuCold's PF1Kit Power Out Alarm

Item #: PF1Kit
Price: $109.00
Sale Price: $99.00
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Beer should always be cold! There is no reason why beer should not be cold. We buy it cold and we rush it home to put it in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

That makes a power outage our enemy. Who wants to reach in the refrigerator and grab a warm beer? That would happen if you didn't know the refrigerator power had gone out with your cold beer still in it.

But wait! An alarm goes off! You look around the house to figure out what is making that noise and you find that it's the refrigerator. Forget the food. Grab the beer and take it to the refrigerator you have in the garage. Get the cooler and fill it with ice.

You might be ordering Chinese tonight. But, at least your beer is still cold! It's a power-out alarm that can be used with any 120V refrigerator or freezer. The battery-powered alarm is plugged into a refrigerator, and its own hospital grade cord is plugged into the wall outlet. If the refrigerator's power goes out, the alarm sounds.

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