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Mini Mushroom Beer Tower - Glycol Cooled
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Mini Mushroom Beer Tower - Glycol Cooled

Sale Price: $745.00
If you walk into a bar with a Mini Mushroom Beer Tower, you will immediately think you are not worthy. But as a beer enthusiast, you are very worthy. You should know that by now!

The beer will flow nicely and go down smooth. But, you don't have to admire such greatness from someone else's bar. You can have a Mini Mushroom Beer Tower of your own and be your own rock star.

When it arrives, grab your screwdriver. That's all you'll need. You can call your friends and have them come over while you install your beer tower. Tell them all about it and tell them to grab some beer while they're on their way. I mean, they're already on their way. What harm will it do?

The mushroom tower has 3 faucets and is perfectly designed to be able to pour 3 different beers at one time. Stainless steel and classy for any home bar. It's the perfect unique tower that it is unlike other towers to make your home bar a one of a kind. Unlike our other Mini Mushroom Tower, this particular tower is Glycol cooled.

You can dress up your tower to look and pour the way you want:

Beer Taps

Beer Knobs

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