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Batch 19 Growler
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Batch 19 Growler

Item #: G70
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Remember the old 20th century jugs. I've drank out of them all my life. I never thought anything of it until I no longer had one. Then, I remembered them when I saw one in a restaurant that had an old traditional theme going on.

Other growlers are available for you to collect. You might also like our Beer Stein collection as well as our Beer Glasses. We have plenty of items from which to choose to fill up your home bar with novelty and functionality.

The Growler Logo glasses bring a new flavor to your home bar. They can hang on a board that you can make yourself. If you don't know how, don't hesitate to send me a line and ask. I'll send you some pictures of what it should look like when it's done. Great for hanging beer glasses from the handle. You can collect beer glasses and show them off in your home bar.

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B19 Amber W/Lid Growler
Regular Price: $23.00
Sale Price: $18.00
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