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European Style Faucets

Stainless Euro Style Faucet
Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $74.95
If you have created a beautiful home bar theme that is European in nature, you have come to the right place to finish it off with a European Faucet. Show off your love for the European Import by using a faucet that does it justice.

Your friends will come over and think they are immediately in a Pub on Gravenstraat. Ready to play darts and eat chips, they'll look at your beer selection and order up the Samuel Smiths. It's a phenomenal transformation that takes place and you'll look at your European Faucet, colorfully impressed.

Don't be surprised if they don't start adopting German or British accents. It's in the blood. It's in the Pub! Everyone will be forever changed. But, it's a good thing because they have some really great beers in Europe as well as some really fun traditions.

So, toss it up! Pour it down and order another one then! Because that's the way it's done in the Old Country!

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