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Dual Faucet Towers

3" Beer Tower - Polished Stainless
Price: $189.95
Sale Price: $149.95
3" Beer Tower - Brass
Price: $229.00
Sale Price: $199.00
3" Shotgun Style Beer Tower - Polished
Price: $379.00
Sale Price: $319.00
So, you decide to have a nice, enjoyable gathering with all your friends. You pick a date. You make plans. Some one brings the cheese dip.

But, your friends show up with two kegs! Now, that's on a whole different level of crazy. You look in your home bar and you only have one beer tower.

What are you going to do, drink from one keg at a time?

No! Do it like the pros. Now, you have the solution and you are the master of your world. A Dual Faucet Tower can handle two kegs at one time. Everyone will be happy.

This is the way it's done. You're stepping up into the big leagues now. You've waited all your life for this and you can handle it. Just take it one keg at at a time and in a few minutes, they'll both be pouring freely from the bar like water down a creek.

Make us proud! And we'll be here if you ever need us!
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