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Kegerator Conversion Kit with Cylinder
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Kegerator Conversion Kit with Cylinder

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Refrigerator Conversion Kits are the beer enthusiasts dream when there is an extra refrigerator hanging around with nothing to do. In a few short minutes, the refrigerator becomes an impromptu kegerator with the new job of keeping your beer keg cool. Be warned though! Converting your refrigerator into a kegerator WILL result in new friends, at your house, all the time. You have been so warned!

Our Refrigerator Conversion Kits include:

Beer faucet with shank

Beer line with necessary connectors

Air line with necessary clamps

Drip pan

5 lb. CO2 cylinder (unfilled)

Single gauge CO2 regulator

2-Probe keg coupler

...and complete installation/conversion instructions.

This is absolutely everything you need except the keg of course! Of course, you also need a cooling unit. The perfect cooling unit is a refrigerator. But, you would be surprised where you can find other cooling units.

In fact, these Refrigerator Conversion Kits are great for making wall unit beer taps. The cooling unit then can be a 55 gallon trash can stuffed full of ice or, better yet, one of our own keg coolers. What makes this choice special is that most people don't have an extra refrigerator sitting around. Now, they don't need one. A unique beer tap can come right out of the wall anywhere you can find the space behind it to put a keg. An unused closet, a basement wall with crawl space behind it or even the extra special floor unit with the keg just below the floor in the basement are all great ideas.

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Refrigerator Conversion Kit - Basic
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