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This is a special offer for those of you who wish to customize their kegerators for a home brew or Guinness.

The SBC490BI can accommodate half, quarter, and mini-kegs and space for a CO2 tank (Not included). A tapping kit is not included with this kegerator. For complete built in kegerators with their tapping kits check us out at our Built In Kegerator Collection for quality draft dispensers. Inside the jet black exterior, automatic defrost reduces user maintenance and removable shelves let you transform the unit into an all-refrigerator.

Designed primarily for built-in use, the SBC490BI can be installed in 24 inch spaces and under standard counters. It can also be used freestanding and ships with sturdy casters to be installed by users who want to use the SBC490BI as a portable beer cooler.

With durable construction and an innovative design, the SBC490BI is the embodiment of convenience and versatility for beer lovers.
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