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Beer Line Cleaner - Powder
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Beer Line Cleaner - Powder

Item #: NC837
Price: $34.95
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If you are looking for a economically and eco-friendly way of cleaning out your home bar equipment, look no further.

This 55.5 oz container of the Beer Line Cleaner powder also comes in a space friendly container. Just dissolve directly into water for a no-rinse clean that will leave your lines like new. Get a perfect pour every time when your lines are clean as a whistle. Respect your beer and clear your gear.

The super no rinse line cleaner is an alkaline-based powder used to clean short beverage systems and brewing equipment. With the super no rinse beer line cleaner, you can easily remove beer stone, biomass, organics, and mineral deposits from short-run draft systems. And as its name implies, this super no rinse powder requires no water rinse as you can use the beverage itself to push out the chemical solution at the end of every cleaning cycle. Formulated with a food-grade rinse additive, the super no rinse line cleaner itself will tell you when the solution is completely flushed out of your beer lines.

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